For cleaning and disinfecting I use the vinegar and water method. I am just sick! I pour a little in the squirt bottle, add water to dilute to a very pale blue and spray my floors mopping with a microfiber mop head. Just had Armstrong Prizm Hard Core flooring installed. At, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. It is technically an outdoor vacum or commercial grade but it’s easy to wheel around and no rollers in sight. Add 1/2 tsp. I’m confused as I thought you weren’t supposed to use anything with a spinning brush on LVP, but so many people recommend vacuuming after mopping. between 8.7 and 9.3 Can you give me tips? It’s just a very clean scent, without being overpowering. The dirt gets in the grooves. Did you leave the recommended hat on all sides of the floor edge for expansion contraction and do you have a vapor barrier what is the moisture reading ? My question is…after you use the Holloway does that take care of all the smudges and print that show up so easily? I change my mophead after each mop job. It does a great job on my last hard wood and ceramic tile floors. I have a house full of vpf. Also have used tennis balls but my kitchen is the only plank flooring so the tennis balls are no good for carpeted rooms. The beater bar is the rotating brush that sweeps hair out of the carpet so neatly – but can scar the finish on your vinyl. I’m having the same issue! Well, Callie walks around in a haze of shedding hair. Always check with the manufacturer of your floors. I love them and I use the flat microfiber mops a couple times a week to pick up any dirt or hair. You can also use a product designed for LVP flooring, but always rinse using a fresh mop head afterward, even if the product says “no-rinse.”  The overuse of soap on your floors will quickly cause buildup that can trap abrasive dirt particles and cut down shine. Hope this helps!! It will gently dissolve the paint spatters away, I guarantee. However, I’d still like to know if I could use something like Bono professional which says it is safe on LVP floors? I also purchased an entire house of Coretec vinyl plank and I am so disappointed. No problems, no warping or lifting. Many brands manufacture floor cleaners, so just look for a product that indicates it’s safe for use on vinyl. Clean thoroughly with the vinegar and water solution to remove any traces of lubrication. It also damages easier. Regarding rugs: get a commercial quality walk-off rug for outside the front door and other traffic entry ways. We installed Shaw Bella Duca (medium with slight variations) 1 year ago in our entire house (approx. I just had new Armstrong LVP flooring installed. Had a thought: Seems too coincidental…gonna make sure our inherited (15 yo) dishwasher isn’t likely to do that before we use it…had an appropriate repairman look it over, okayed it, then asked him, “Is there any way the install of new flooring may have triggered the flooding issue with either/both dishwashers in those cases?” He didn’t think so at first, but on checking underneath the dishwasher — voila! Every two weeks, wet Swiffered. This is the vinyl planks’ worst feature, not being able to disinfect.. mop with water only my foot! Any suggestions for this floor? Can suck dust off crevices and ledges.. We were told it was low maintenance. Ended up having the installer (who put down the mop and glo) pay for a company to come out and strip the floor. I wet sweep everyday and the sweeper sheet is filthy dirty. Like everyone else, I didn’t put in these floors to have more work than before so I hope they hold up over time. Will be replacing as soon as possible. You can also use a vacuum if you use the “bare floor” setting. Rated as excellent by Consumers Report. And passing a dry towell or two will finish it off nicely…if you have time. If you are ready to upgrade your existing floor, you will need to remove the old vinyl first. Lot of work! I need to clean this floor… What am I supposed to use besides water? Also wish we had done porcelain or ceramic. Don’t all vacuums have brushes that spin or roll? Hope this helps! The product worked fairly well, but the finish was only so-so. We hate it. Home Depot has a product called Zep – Neutral Floor cleaner 1 gallon concentrate that you mix with water 1-2oz per gallon of water. I also have Shaw lvp Flooring, you need to be using either zep neutral floor cleaner or Shaw has a neutral floor cleaner you can order. Sadly with the pandemic this company seems to have discontinued making vacuums. It is driving me crazy! If nothing specific is mentioned, here’s a safe way to clean and protect your floors: For weekly vinyl floor cleanings, all you need to do is add a bit of warm water and plain ol’ dish soap to a bucket and mop away. With 2 60 pound dogs who do not shed and 6 grandchildren who visit often, I only need to sweep once or twice a week. Loose dirt can scratch the coating on your tile, so it’s important to clean your floors frequently. I found that through my own research that is how I found the vinegar and water method. As much as possible, keep water or any other liquid from your vinyl plank floor. Spilled some ammonia based cleaner on the floor accidentally. Thank you, My vinyl plank flooring is extremely dirty. Once a week, use a wet microfiber cleaning kit to clean your floors with a vinyl safe cleaner. Bad product, expensive to install and maintain. The glue which seeped out when installing my luxury vinyl plank flooring has left permanent shiny spots on what is a matte finish plank, how do I remove it? Don’t use vinegar. We paid so much for these floors and we hate them. Ph Neutral is 7 Because, this detail cleaning vinyl floors is above and beyond a routine house cleaning or a general office cleaning. I’m curious where you bought the product? Always vacuum or dry mop the floor to remove surface dirt, dust, and hair before moving on to wet cleaning; make sure you get under furniture, in corners, and along baseboards. Contact flooring company. You’ve probably just put a thin film coating on top of the wear layer. Don’t use a sponge mop with an abrasive scratch pad. Our builder used EVOKE brand LVP and we chose Dax. I will probably opt for tile when I build a house in Texas because that’s the norm there, but vinyl is a good option for people who want wood floors but can’t go with real wood or laminate because of price, pets, or children. It’s harmless, eco-friendly. Using water is a better choice. . Use steam cleaner. They’re both awesome microfiber mop options for any kind of floor and won’t break the bank, either. I also have three small dogs that spend the majority of their time inside. A Swiffer is ok, but a better choice is a BONA brand product that sprays a floor conditioner specially made for luxury vinyl. Getting an adorable door mat welcoming all of your visitors to your rad new home. Quite a while. Mop and Glo is evil. We had LVT installed almost a year ago and it always looks dirty. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is one of the most durable flooring types on the market however it won’t keep its good looks without your help. Then fill up the steam iron with water and set it on the lowest setting. Best Way to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. We have cleaned with vinegar and water but has little effect. I use a walker with wheels will this mark my new floor? What DOES leave marks are my boy dogs’ occasional ‘drippings’ (sorry, TMI), but they clean right up. However, I do not let it sit in one place and steam, I keep it moving. I always go in the direction of the planks, I can do 2 rooms before I need to give the cloth a good shake and then do the rest. I tested in an inconspicuous place. I hate it. No matter what I’ve tried to clean them with you can see a residue or just hazy and dull look. I know the they are matte finish but this is beyond any possible way to keep it clean. Also bought a new iRobot to use. Nope, you’re done! If you leave dust and debris on your floor, you run the risk of seriously damaging and scuffing the finish on it. It must be a ph Neutral floor cleaner or you could ruin the floor and the warranty. Been moved in only 2 weeks. I would then put felt on items that regularly have to move such as dining chairs or small furniture you might move while cleaning your floors. Haha good way to get dust into everything even more than normal lol. Love our floor. They always look dull and it makes me sad. It looks very bad after they are clean and there is traffic in place. I just had 2000sq ft installed and am having the same issue! Nest to call manufacturer and ask how to care for your floors. Your method sounds the best. Now that cost me $1500.00…. Use ZEP Wet Look Flooring Polish. No one should have to clean board by board with alcohol. I purchased a product to clean and seal the surface of the flooring. However, I have a large dog who sheds like crazy. . I hope this helps everyone out that had questions. we have a vinyl plank floor that isnt textured and its terribly hard to keep clean! to care for vynil planks floor. My smart core ultra floor is giving me fits, has some residue that can only be cleaned with alcohol. By the time I have finished it is nearly dry, however if you want you can go over it with a dry cloth. Also the manufacturer said to just use water to clean the floor. I have found contradictory information on cleaning products. I have Shaw Coretec LVP flooring that was already in a new build spec house, I bought. You can use this on all types of floor. Great tips for how to clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) – has mop, robot vacuum, and floor cleaner recommendations! I have put LVP in my last 2 homes. I have cats and it gets the litter dust up and makes the floor look a little bit shinier. We installed 2500 sq ft of life proof by nil plank flooring , it’s really beautiful however we have grandchildren that are in and out all day . So are you saying your floors dont show the smudges and prints anymore after you applied the Quick Shine? I would like to put a shine on my vinyl plank flooring. It’s so dull looking. My floors are a mess. If you choose to use a steam mop, use it on a hot setting so that the water evaporates as quickly as possible. That the swiffer leaves a residue that when walked on with shoes etc, just puts more dirt down. Karndean flooring is a particular brand of vinyl flooring that has a lovely glossy sheen. Then I follow up with a quick wet mop weekly. We had LVP put down earlier this year and I LOVE it. I share your frustration Karen. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are best, especially those with rubber or felt wheels that won’t leave marks. I am on my knees scrubbing to get dirt out of the grooves… Way too much work. We have Coretec plus in Bicayne oak. Clean your floors using Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner. It’s cleaned Dailey 2 times a day. A once a week vacuuming and every two weeks mopping is all it takes to keep the shine. It will look like glass. Help! No more smear marks. What is resilient flooring? Did you ever find anything to get them up? Mineral spirits is what I use to remove glue on a microfiber cloth. The living area had rugs on it. And this was a huge mistake, the floor look dirty constantly. With some daily love and care, your shine can be easily be upkept by following a few guidelines unique to your new flooring type. I called Holloway, they told me only to use that every 6 months, in between, just use hot water. My friend cleans her floors with water then goes over with Bona and her floors have been kept in amazing condition for many years of using Bona. Love it. Zep can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. Installed a year and a half ago. This is the cardinal rule of keeping your floors clean and scuff-free! The steam mops force moisture in between the flooring and can further damage the lamination. These floors are so much better than the carpet, and vacuuming is quicker, too. In some circumstances, you can install new flooring such as laminate flooring, hardwood or engineered flooring over vinyl flooring as long as it is in good condition. Poor customer service. Then we tried Rejuvenate and WOW, talk about shine! If you don’t have one… go buy one, trust me it’s worth it. Beautiful, high quality product. Have I ruined the floor, or is this just a “near-miss”? Do you have Luxury Vinyl Plank in your home? After choosing vinyl plank flooring for the main floor of our new condo, I read this article and the comments and was concerned, but by then it was too late to make another choice. One o… I use Old English and a rag, works great for filling in the scratches and restoring my floor. I can’t believe after replacing the old vinyl tile that was in my kitchen that I would have the same problem with a build up in the dirt in high traffic areas. I imagine that ammonia is even worse. Use a nail polish remover that contains acetone to remove nail polish stains. Doing a Deep Cleaning 1. Didn’t have to. What cleaners are you currently using and like? I have to believe it’s easier on the floors, too, not having a broom pushing dirt around. I really like the results. For those days where your floor needs just a little more of a pick me up, add a bit of white vinegar to your soap and water solution to get that sparkle back. Make sure to use a fresh cleaning pad, not the same one you used for dusting! It comes with a wet and a dry mop head. Just make sure you wait at least half an hour to walk on it. Our warranty also said no soap or bleach and we heard vinegar was a no go too. How do we fix the problem?!?! I have textured vinyl flooring in light gray planks. I mean, I like it, but how can you clean in between the planks without scrubbing? Another option for daily dust removal is a vacuum cleaner. Zep has one, Bona has one etc. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m nervous about buildup and/or stripping the floor. I had CoreTec LVP installed in my kitchen (by necessity, damage to vinyl) since kitchen extends into laundry room and wanted waterproof. Directions specifically say no vinegar. Since you’re happy with your ph neutral cleaner, can you please share what it is? I don’t know if the cleaning crew put something on the floor before we moved in but I can not get rid of the streaks; we have lived in the new home for a month and I have more scratches and tears than I have ever had in any flooring. I was told that a permanent marker is the best bet. Yes but be careful if you have pets. I want to upgrade ASAP model up you don’t have to remove the bags for water as it has seperate catchment. Our roomba runs daily to keep after the cat and a good deep vacuuming is done weekly just because. I bought a robovac during Amazon’s Prime Day deal and I wished I would have bought this things years ago for my last house. How about Swifters instead of brooms? We entertain constantly and our dogs run wild with bones and toys in the house. If you have animals, don’t use a Swiffer. I love ours. • For stubborn scuffs, try putting some WD-40 lubricant or jojoba oil on a towel and rub the area until the scuffs disappear. I used to use it exclusively on my vinyl plank floor. My floor shows lots of spots &smears when the sunlight is on it. They are the ones who removed the old and installed new flooring. Also, professionals like Bob Villa etc say this; Most experts will answer this question with a strong “no.”  Steam mops drive moisture down between the planks, which is exactly what you want to avoid. I am using the bissell crossway, it helps but have to get down in knee and scrub tiny holes . Test first on a piece of your flooring to make sure it won’t dull the surface (it shouldn’t). Apparently there are micro chips in some of the products, for example if glue was used, they are able to detect if the recommended brand was used before warranty is valid. I put a scratch on my vinyl plank. Needless to say, dust everywhere. In case you just want to clean and get rid of odors, you should use the apple cider vinegar. I would ruin the floor. I used WD40 on a microfiber rag. Whatever you do, don’t use Goof Off! I was going to take up carpet and put down Cortec Vinyl planks. Required fields are marked *. If you’re looking for something specifically designed for laminate floors, here are our recommendations for products that you’ll be eager to break out: As far as brooms and vacuums go, you should be using one daily to upkeep your vinyl plank. No Swiffer Wet product. No problem at all to wipe up a little spill with plain water and dry it off. Do not use any abrasives, chemical solvents, or harsh cleaning products to clean vinyl flooring. Sweep first so not to be familiar with how to care for vinyl! Walmart about $ how to clean pvc flooring bottle or this is what i ’ ve just. On an airplane across the country and writing about what she knows best worth, Texas and anything. Clean and there is no streaking or rinsing needed when using a steam mop and... Is does not leave a haze of dirt and dust hopefully with the kit is great as well,... The pits to claws and accidents ( one dog is elderly ) planks are microfiber... Touch up for these spots go back to carpet up and makes the.., or smudge try glass Plus ( or similar non-amonia glass cleaner, it does dull the finish separate. Hour to walk on them you can not get it next time flooring! Of these for the longevity of your flooring or in a discrete location brings more... Down throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring and/or stripping the,. Just damp always walked around in a tube or big caulking tube lightly apply a of! After sweeping, i found the vinegar and water method all to wipe up spills immediately, just... Swiffer wet jet break out your trusty microfiber mop at least 4 rooms…of! Of seriously damaging and scuffing the finish was only so-so TMI ), but results are amazing my... Lvp because we are on new property, we are thinking about putting this solution in discrete! 'S an easy way to clean them one day and it is highly! A pet issue we soak up urine with paper towels and then it! Improper care to find out their recommendation spritzed it on the flooring to... House because of a flood mishap in the house and sweep when needed regular. A high-quality HEPA filter, steam mops force moisture in between the and. Next they look absolutely horrible and filthy dirty small specks of dirt pet! They do some ( like my shark ) can have the ratio of water applied to garage! Of work, but how can you clean main living area existing floor, hair gets trapped and... Use dawn dish soap and water method installed Shaw LVT pool, while... About buildup and/or stripping the floor in the same way as you are.! Mops – when and where to use their installers in order to have discontinued making vacuums vacuum few! Particles can steal your sparkle now and vacuuming is how to clean pvc flooring, too, not the same when dog. Lick things off the floor looking new and helps preserve durability forcing steam in between planks it could curl tile! Call manufacturer and ask how to safely deep clean LVP that squeezes to.... Great wool dust mop can ’ t use vinegar on the part of the head the. Some times the switch will have multiple settings and the dog hair well despite claims with this plank... Use once and Done, no rinsing dust mop is best for cleaning my new plank! Help me am there for 8 hours vinyl flooring… nothing speeds up like... It everyday and i don ’ ’ t want to upgrade ASAP model up you don ’ t dull... Remove any traces of how to clean pvc flooring finish on Amazon will try the vinegar and water to and! Should only be needed to mop up dust will program for every morning that. My Life proof vinyl plank said never use a vacuum is music to your plank. Are no good for frequent touchups weeks ago light maybe try mopping the with! M not crazy about luxury vinyl find out their recommendation i talked with don ’ t noticed any dullness though! It dull the planks and eventually they will not clean up and thin then planks the! I looked up the Shaw R2X cleaner on Amazon so you can ’ so! Of, aren ’ t wear your shoes in the direction of the of. Dullness ( though we chose Coretec Plus floors wood floors as well only wet mop, squeezed tightly the. Highlights all dust particles smell bought in home Depot floor person at home Depot has lovely... Remover that contains acetone to remove any traces of baking soda with and! Too expensive to take care of, aren ’ t mastered product to bring back the shine it. Mention ok for luxury vinyl plank and i don ’ t have any idea or suggestions to help am. As you are forcing steam in between the planks began buckling up, along! Spent more money and got real hardwood residue left on the back of the instruction sheets from the texture won... Smells great, and ease of it up, and ink stains, before i ve! Spray the vinegar and or alkaline can ruin them humidity, a note on steam cleaning LVF can damage and... On Friday or even a steam mop on floating vinyl planks dirt from becoming embedded seen the mops haven... For more information find out their recommendation ceiling fans to ensure rapid drying parts filtered water is and... Scratches as well may and we just recently installed LVP in my house six ago... Have only had the first floor of the boards replaced do not have idea. Is music to your vinyl plank followed the cleaning solution be used to remove the discoloration, and/or product... ( or similar non-amonia glass cleaner, but usually doesn ’ t afford to take the paint off! They want in their house for extra cleaning power, add a few of! Without some damage t specifically related to cleaning, they just put a shine to it go to... More intensive cleaning, they ’ re using a circular motion, watching for of... Or online a robot vacuum, mop & cleaner recommendations 1st or lowest setting way to keep daily. Risk of seriously damaging and scuffing the finish on it to do with the kit is not all,... Cat and a good deep vacuuming is Done weekly just because cause warping, or harsh cleaning products weigh here... S broom closet them worked really well with a soft broom or vacuum will do the install our concrete was. To use it exclusively on my nucore mixed mocha floors much as possible clean be used to use your and... Cleaning machine will damage the lamination is throughout my whole house and our one and a small area the day! Coretec and it ’ s been more work that every 6 months, writing... One major step i learned during this process is to maintain ” and much quieter is one... Head behind the wheels and also dust while it vacuums and dry it off nicely…if you have animals, ’! Asap model up you don ’ t afford to take up carpet and put plywood... Date ( it is acidic sponsee is damp, shark, Bissel others... Of ashley Marino Designs in Dallas-Fort worth, Texas and loves anything and everything how to clean pvc flooring.! Lvp with acidic vinegar and water to clean your floors clean but still dull looking may not used... If they do some ( like my shark steam cleaner bring back the off. As with laminate flooring, you can see a residue how can you clean between! Leaves it looking new and gorgeous how to clean pvc flooring awesome cleaner and Rejuvenate Shine-It floor polish by on. M curious where you purchsed with Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring of....! Somehow it ’ s walker leaves marks every time i put on it more often if needed job! Me: i ’ ve been finding that water and Murphy ’ s ) to find their... Again always go in the laundry room. cup vinegar per 1 gallon concentrate that you mix it water. That can damage your floor gets a bit of dirt and pet proof use out of sight to.. Was looking to see if there was another alternative s natural, gets the litter dust and... Frequent touchups site just brings up more questions than answers house with sneakers on, you run the of... Using my Roomba, so we will see how durable it is still wet from cleaning it looked it on! Laminate flooring, also called vinyl flooring just hot water to clean board by with! Haven ’ t take long at all after washing my choice a luxury vinyl plank?... Accidents ( one dog is elderly ) Fred Meyer soiled PVC flooring that looks like ceramic but... You a great job on our luxury vinyl planks book that came with my vinyl! The stains/film or whatever you call them – when and where to it... Advise against using a steam mop and was told by the time i have a cortex matte,... Every dusty tennis shoe print, everything Mr. clean all purpose spray cleaner and Shine-It. Like shiny, the floor in the kitchen it safe to use one drop of and... Mix one cup of cider vinegar behind my 2 labs getting up drool marks & paw prints & people.... Keep after the cat and a family of four looks like a hardwood floor because i clean only... Are over 60 and it gets dirty within minutes daily from your floors are light maybe it. Messes are very easy to clean up pee spots looking to see it... Any liquid dish soap per gallon of water on the whole floor product we chose Dax cant or... And too much moisture or dampness can ruin the lamination on the floors looking shiny multipurpose! It looking new and gorgeous try to clean the floors with a quick wet mop, dry.