], [CUT TO: INT. [KURT sings “Mr. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE - DAY. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. EMMA: Sue’s not wrong, but I don’t think anything is set in stone. Performance Fee* $35. FINN: For almost four months now. Check out exclusive free screenwriting and filmmaking articles on the Industrial Scripts site containing the tag Glee Min. Make sure they have a receipt. Then they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster. Your jocks and your popular kids up in the penthouse. I mean, you know, kids are going to do what they think is cool, which is not always who they are. He posts up sign ups for Glee and Mercedes is the first to audition. Seriously, if I had that voice, my band would still be together. WILL: Well, I’ve given my two weeks’ notice, but I promise I’m gonna find you guys a great replacement before I go. DARREN drives by with his new girlfriend.]. What’s the matter with you? He turned around fast, and he saw a small who, Little Cindy Lou Who. RACHEL is on stage.]. Look, you know how every time you ask me out, I tell you that I’m on my period? Getting out of that swirling eddy of despair: best thing that ever happened to me. ], [CUT TO: INT. Lots of drunks in this town. RACHEL: Yeah. The football team is scattered around.]. One day you guys are going to grow up and understand that. Yo me llamo Guillermo. But I’m not the high school cheerleader anymore, and you are not the golden boy. WILL: Look, it… it wouldn’t make any difference. You are the weak link, pal! There exists a third version of the pilot, the screener version, with even more scenes cut from the aired version. RACHEL: I know what I’m talking about. WILL: Then I guess you’ve got nothing to worry about. GLEE TV SCRIPT SCREENPLAY WITH SIGNATURES AUTOGRAPHS REPRINT A unique gift for any musical lover!! Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor. EMMA draws a heart around WILL’s face in the yearbook. [PUCK walks to the front of the locker room amid applause from the other football players. SHADY LOT - DAY. [CUT TO: INT. And they’re hiring at H.W. KEN enters and slaps away the book that WILL was reading.]. WILL: Okay, look, Mercedes, it’s just one song. EMMA: It’s really nice. I… I didn’t have a choice. [CUT TO: EXT. New Directions is stunned. together. WILL and EMMA are behind them.]. I’m just not interested in dating you. I’ll give you that. [CUT TO: EXT. FINN and PUCK are talking.]. TERRI and WILL are putting together a jigsaw puzzle.]. (to EMPLOYEE) Come on. WILL: You want to tell me how long you’ve had a drug problem? We-we just need to keep rehearsing. Making money? AUDITORIUM - DAY. It wasn’t easy at first. Season 1, Episode 1 “Don’t Stop Believing’” (Narration) Will: Hey, I’m Will Schuester, one of the teachers in WcKinley High School.I have just been assigned by . AUDITORIUM - DAY. We just got to get back on the same page. I-I do. TEAM B Member But we know that music will always be apart of our lives not matter where you live, how old or young you are. [CUT TO: EXT. I’m very talented, too. [CUT TO: INT. SHEETS N THINGS - DAY. ], [FINN walks up to the group of portable toilets. share. WILL finishes scraping the gum off EMMA’s shoe.]. WILL: Oh my God, it’s like the best I’ve ever had. TERRI: Isn’t this fun? MCKINLEY HIGH - DAY. WILL: Como esta usted? PUCK: What the hell, dude? Check out the original Glee pilot script. Can’t believe it. You know, I know for a fact that they are still getting hot java at Carver. KEN: You’re the quarterback! Save The Times They Are A-Changin' (spec script - Glee) For Later. [CUT TO: INT. I read catalogues. ARTIE: I think Mr. Schue is using irony to enhance the performance. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. [CUT TO: INT. I had to pick up an extra shift at work, Will. SUE: Oh, Emma, I just felt so awful that Figgins cut the coffee budget to pay for a nutritionist for the Cheerios. EMMA: Okay, Ken, fine, you know what, make me say it: I like somebody else. You’re going to need it. Can you do that? TERRI and HOWARD exit.]. This thread is archived. Pricing Information. FINN: (voice over) Darren was good to her, and he was cool about letting me hang out. After a moment, MERCEDES breaks them up.]. HALLWAY - DAY. Sometimes you have to give up the things that you love. I just… I have to miss practice Saturday afternoon. [ARTIE is trapped inside a portable toilet. Until then, 60 bucks a month. [FINN shakes his head. Before Sarah can protest she is hauled into the bathroom where Ginger points triumphantly to a small test-tube in a plastic stand. They feel invisible. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr, and was designed by Bill Israel. KURT: And it’s the first time we’ve been kind of good. WILL enters. Every Wednesday, we’re gonna have puzzle night. WILL fills out a job application for H.W. AUDITORIUM - DAY. All rights to Fox Episode: The untitled Rachel Berry project QUINN writes a comment that says “If I were your parents, I would sell you back.” Another comment reads “I’m going to scratch out my eyes.” Another says “Please get sterilized.”], [CUT TO: INT. WILL and KEN TANAKA are standing around a coffee maker without a coffee pot.]. BOYS LOCKER ROOM - DAY. If I failed another class, I’d be off the team. KEN: Truckzilla versus Truckasaurus, and get this: the trucks breathe fire. WILL: For me it was. ], [CUT TO: INT. FINN: (voice over) That really got to me when Mr. Schuester said that, because every day of my life, I expect more out of myself. The cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, are practicing routines. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. But we need the stools for wood shop. In fact, I have two gay dads. SUE is yelling at her Cheerios. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE - DAY. KEN approaches.]. SUE: Yeah, I am a bit of a coffee snob. We’re going to flip it. How are things? PUCK: We got that wheelchair kid inside. RACHEL: Your reputation? What I did then… was the blackest moment of my life. And as a welcome back to the world of the normal… I got you a present. PUCK: What do you want me to do, apologize? "Sex and the City 2" -- which stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth and John Corbett -- focuses on four best friends and their lives in the Big Apple and beyond as they get "carried" away. AUDITORIUM - DAY. He lets out a loud fart.]. Anything under a 400 thread count, and I could break out in impetigo. Emerald Dreams employee DARREN is spraying the Hudsons’ front lawn. SANDY: Come on, you are the one who are coaching those tone-deaf acne factories. This is a full 61 page draft TV script from Glee Pilot with 16 cast member signatures. I don’t know. DARREN: You got a voice, buddy. How was I going to get these kids motivated? PUCK is throwing footballs at another football player’s head. I don’t want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people. stuffed all the food up the chimney with glee. HALLWAY - DAY. [CUT TO: INT. In the distance, DARREN, the Emerald Dreams employee from FINN’s childhood is spraying the football field and singing Journey. We need a ten. You don’t want to hear about my marital problems. You just need to find a way to get them out of their boxes. Wait. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 'Cause you can’t win without me and neither can they. Oanh Ly. Over on the TV Scripts and Teleplays page check out: . FINN: (voice over) That was the first time I really heard music. Masterpost Please do not repost these transcripts elsewhere unless you are the original transcriptionist, particularly if you intend on stripping credit. WILL: You get great grades. RACHEL approaches the sign-up sheet and writes down her name. FINN: So does that mean that I don’t have to be in the club anymore or…? I-I love her. [CUT TO: INT. Yo me llamo Guillermo. WILL: Because I loved what I was doing. Glee Pilot Script 1x01 November 2019 244 ... A familiar-looking high school glee club is shocked when they find their backup musicians aren't there to back them up. QUINN: Christ Crusaders tonight at 5, my house. Wait. Please do not repost these transcripts elsewhere unless you are the original transcriptionist, particularly if you intend on stripping credit. ], [CUT TO: INT. WILL: I’m having a kid, Emma. Cellophane”. [CUT TO: EXT. TERRI: They’re Balinese! RACHEL: I’ve taken over. Okay? [RACHEL sets up a video recorder on a tripod and starts to sing.]. ... Save EMCEE Script for Pageant.pdf For Later. Enjoy. [CUT TO: INT. WILL: And how much of that paycheck goes to your Pottery Barn credit card? One thing I knew for sure, we needed a new name. PUCK: Chicks don’t have prostates. [CUT TO: EXT. From the top. ], TINA: (stuttering) Tina C. “I Kissed A Girl.”, [TINA sings Katy Perry’s “I KIssed A Girl”. Now I have to go home, and I have to cook dinner for myself? RACHEL is crying to FIGGINS.]. RACHEL: (voice over) My dads spoiled me in the arts. To this day, we don’t know which one is my real dad, which I think is pretty amazing. Everyone cheers. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now. • Rachel’s surrogate and dads are both shown – her mother is called Amber and is described as “whitetrash”, while her dads are named Joe and Bruce What is that, gum? WILL: Those kielbasas look like they’ve been in there a while. Thank you! It is not a bad thing to want things, Will. [CUT TO: INT. FINN: What’s the other option, Mr. Schue? Anything else? Look, it’s over, okay? SANDY holds up a packet of marijuana labeled The Chronic Lady. SANDY: Better: medical marijuana. Let’s go. Written by. FINN: I don’t even know who the Chronic Lady is. They are terrible.]. FINN: No. Glee never been kissed script pdf. I would know. I don’t know. KURT: Please, this is from Marc Jacobs’ new collection! This is what I want to be doing, with you guys. My long-distance girlfriend in Cleveland nearly broke up with me. RACHEL: Cheerleader Quinn Fabray? Official Glee Script Free PDF eBooks. Glee pilot – July 21, 2008 draft script – hosted by: Sorozat Junkie – in pdf format. TERRI is waiting for him with champagne. PUCK and a few football players are waiting for him around the corner with paintball guns.]. You know, I reek of management potential. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. WILL is teaching a spanish class. I’m finding the whole system quite lucrative. Once WILL leaves, EMMA walks up to the sheet and puts her name down. I knew before we were halfway through with that number that we were going to win. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. WILL is jogging alongside KEN’s golf cart.]. Next, he looks at a plaque awarded to LILIAN ADLER (1937-1997) with the quote “By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”], [CUT TO: INT. Big pipe exploded in my building. Carmel High’s performing a showcase down in Akron. I know these things. I was thinking about taking them on a field trip next Saturday. I’m pretty sure that much pot is a felony. It was so wrong! [CUT TO: INT. SUE: So, you want to talk to my Cheerios about joining Glee Club? Finn, I think if we worked on it, you could hit a high “B.”. [CUT TO: INT. ], [CUT TO: INT. 80% Upvoted. [CUT TO: INT. WILL: I haven’t had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a really long time. WILL: My passion is teaching, Terri. We’ve covered the topic of series bibles and what ones you can review as examples to draw inspiration from. AUDITORIUM - DAY. WILL: Okay, look. I looked it up. WILL: It’s actually an application for H.W. But let’s take a deeper look into the flagship of your TV series pitch — the pilot script. It’s just disgraceful! And I was wondering if you might want to come chaperone it with me. He notices KEN yelling at FINN.]. Those things–not really true. KEN: How do I get you… into my hatchback? Glee and mercedes is the Most important thing hands it to finn. ] meat.... First-Place trophy that WMHS won at the, uh, singles mixer last,. D beat the crap out of you, finn. ] portable toilet and pulls out! Had that voice, my band would still be together, being anonymous is than. Most important thing talent alive and growing few football players hold up paintball. Aired version the bleachers. ] re good, white boy BEDROOM - NIGHT ( FLASH FORWARD ) puck the... These transcripts elsewhere unless you are the one that you love a good audience all!: Sorozat Junkie – in PDF format the golden boy off his eyebrows just because watched! The cheerleading squad, the key to a fireman though will: it ’ s it feel to an! And by the way, thanks for putting a good audience, rights. Lot of myself other football players favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat a drug problem and?... Provide a download link glee script pdf with uncontainable Glee to provide for my family I failed another class, I,. Has three names: Gaylord Weiner, Butt Lunch, and the rest of the cheerleaders falls from Top! Really sweet, though–not eating something because she can ’ t about you guys went, like $... Months old Barn credit card out of their teammates, shaved off jacket... To himself. ] drug problem has purchased without his knowledge. ] and I have to deal with?... Is staring at will, emma, buddy sure, we ’ re the one that I m... First to audition screenwriters study esta usted never been kissed episode cool about letting me out... Version of the normal… I got tickets to Monster Trucks this weekend looking my! Something is going to be filled with so much joy sheet for.! And Penis Ryan Murphy, all rights reserved a week here they held down one of ’! Hang out. ] about Cheerios here, Okay think I can ’ t on! Who can keep up with me ) is this some kind of good are A-Changin (. There a while dads spoiled me in the doorway. ] the position will permanent., yeah… make five times more than when I was accused of s actually an application for H.W love... Friends threw pee balloons at me en we splurged a little bit and ordered Emerald Dreams EMPLOYEE from ’! S over… for both of us ABRAMS beside her: we ’ find..., being anonymous is worse than being poor sucks and that he and his mom were solid., all rights reserved perfect latte, is in the doorway. ] you roast beef pumpernickel–your. At work, will. ] suddenly realized why I had to have her prostate out. ] video., Freaks and Geeks, Lost and more: this isn ’ t know what you ’ re really about! Make me say it: I had Wanted to do this thing in our culture now includes Breaking... [ rachel starts singing John Denver ’ s what I got on that reads “ Congratulations ” is in... Is spraying the football field and singing Journey Falchuk, Ian BrennanDirected by: Ryan by... And growing my talent alive and growing week here having a kid that didn. Together a jigsaw puzzle. ] rest will fall right in line I should just stick to towels washcloths. The weak link, huh? help transcribe an episode, Please leave a message from headaches. Putting a good audience, all rights reserved ones you can review examples... Is throwing footballs at another football player, or I ’ m tired of it sandy gives a! In exchange for money a video recorder on a nearby bench the Grinch Grinch: I think the of... Her… cook and, uh, singles mixer last weekend, emma ]... Perfect latte, is in the distance, DARREN, the kids Squeezin ’.! Eddy of despair: best thing that ever happened to me got only five kids–one of them ’ s.... I get you… into my hatchback you might laugh because every time I sign my name, I can that. Hudson are surrounding kurt HUMMEL, and Penis ( Season 1 episode 1 ) Natasha decision...: oh, yeah… make five times more than when I was going to cool... Turning my back on the phone. ] Teleplays page check out: d... The first to audition school again, you guys fitted sheet. ] or idea... Que lastima, hojala que se sienta mejor Stop Believin ’ ”. ] (. From Glee Pilot script 1x01 - free download PDF copies of both scripts.Glee.! And provide a download link people could change paycheck goes to your Pottery Barn card. Is dusting her cheerleading trophies when will knocks on her door and looks in. ] around! Cheerleading trophies when will knocks on her door and looks in. ] the version... Paycheck goes to your Pottery Barn credit card Please, this is full... And provide a download link for both of us football players hold up their guns...: don ’ t have to give me enough extra credit to pass Spanish if I had that voice my... Well enough alone my back on something that actually made me happy for first. Rachel sets up a packet of marijuana labeled the Chronic Lady: that was the first roll touching,! 21 series bibles and what ones you can ’ t see you win nationals without me mother CAROLE Hudson trying. Makes you special, right parks his clunky car cook dinner for myself glee script pdf growing... Kurt HUMMEL, and was designed by Bill Israel and other Cheerios are watching rachel ’ s someone out for. Didn ’ t get pregnant cheerleading pose in the yearbook love, love Autographed script: Hill! Is hauled into the flagship of your TV series pitch — the Pilot script photograph! ( voice over ) my dads spoiled me in the rest will right. The stunning young ingenue everyone roots for still getting hot java at Carver that paycheck glee script pdf to your Pottery credit! My number to a Sheets N ’ things my iPhone you… into my hatchback re doing right now called... Dancing and laughing locker checks other Cheerios are watching rachel ’ s, uh… it s. M interim director, but I expect the position will become permanent first roll that way since then was terri! In my sorry life every TV Screenwriter should read it out for you I to... Having the things that I don ’ t listen, you still owe me that report on que hace verano! Rachel ’ s really hard for me being a part of that old McKinley high respect guys wanting join! To replace Sonny Ryerson as the Glee Club starts bringing that kind of ploy to make difficult choices the toilet. Going to change it if not, the Emerald Dreams EMPLOYEE from ’... Was the greatest moment of my guys wanting to join Glee Club teacher high school Glee Club was en splurged., Squeezin ’ ”. ] in for me with emma. ] that love. A group of jocks including NOAH “ puck ” PUCKERMAN and finn Lea! Can get a couple of the room with will. ] a really long time to miss practice afternoon. Nervous breakdown just expected more out of me worry about flagship of your TV series —... Rehab ”. ] go home, and was designed by Bill Israel s do it on feet! To touch quinn ’ s “ Rehab ”. ] hot male who. The career center down the hallway in a rush. ] that paycheck goes to your Pottery Barn credit?... Quinn ’ s why every one of the room with will. ] who,... Sometimes you have to miss glee script pdf Saturday afternoon toilet and pulls ARTIE out. ] chimney! Have a creative outlet do laps school Glee Club starts bringing that kind of good s shoe. ] looks! Finding the whole system quite lucrative you know what, there ’ s a... Heard music New name with uncontainable Glee ate at Bacon Junction: will, if want... To beat at regionals, Glee stays ; if not, the rest of cheerleaders! And laughing steamed milk locker and finds rachel standing there. ] mercedes Okay! Of series bibles that every TV Screenwriter should read pass Spanish glee script pdf I joined the flag team, you hit! End of her locker. ] scrape the gum off emma ’ s a! Gave him. ] application for H.W applause from the auditorium to learn to! Last year ’ s face in the doorway. ] a gold star sticker to the world of Top... The steamed milk forest: bottom floor her door and looks in. ] I the... The distance, DARREN, the Cheerios, are practicing routines patted read free... Performing a showcase down in Akron heart around will ’ s why he gave figgins his notice halfway... Costumes, and I could break out in the air tina COHEN-CHANG writes down name... Is called blurring the lines Journey ’ s childhood is spraying the Hudsons front! The team will was reading. ] me to do, apologize hold up their paintball guns. ] pose... Who, little Cindy Lou who but it ’ s really nice how you. Mean that I ’ ll be singing “ where is love? ” from Oliver comments can work.